Log house for living and Saunas (banya)

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The main activity of the company is producing log houses for living, summer houses, saunas (banya), arbors etc.

Our Master Loggers have long term experience utilizing our Russian, Norwegian, Canadian Technologies. They work all year round taking employment from enterprises as well as construction and many others.

There are options of complexity of the log cabin that depend on the request of the customer. They can range from inexpensive and simple to composite complex solutions. Today Karelia Log Homes is the greatest enterprise in the Republic of Karelia in its respected industry.

Log house is the choice for those who appreciate individuality, reliability, true comfort and the health of each of their family.

Karelian pine - pine is one of the most solid and strong coniferous breed that has a lot of advantages. . It possesses resistance to rotting, high thermal capacity and gas permeability. Pine has a valuable dense structure that is appreciated in wooden housing constructions.

Happy owners of log houses notice the special bright energy of the house. We know that these feelings are related to the material of the house, the pine!


Why Log houses from the company Karelia Log Homes?

Karelia is one of the greatest wood suppliers and processors of coniferous forests. With our abundance of beautiful trees such as the Karelian Pine we promise only the best. Karelia Log Homes Company has a long-lasting history, extensive experience and a selection of materials from the best wood suppliers.

Our region has the advantageous location of being a part of the Russian Federation. It is located near the logistic centers of European Russia that allow us to optimize expenses for transfer. The distance between Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg is 400km (249 Miles); Petrozavodsk and Moscow is 900km (559 Miles); Petrozavodsk and Europe is 300km (187 Miles).



2002 – 2015

We’ve built several houses in the Russian Federation and abroad. The long term experience, advanced technologies of log housing, the skillful use of our loggers and our own system of control let us keep the log houses at their permanently high quality.

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