Log preparing

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The first transaction for preparing is barking and shaving.

Barking is done by hand to guarantee quality although shaving is done with an electrical plane.

окорка бревна

Basts are left when damaging insignificant parts of wood

When the bast dries the log gets skewbald color, a blotchy mix of whites and blacks. Some of the consumers refuse to accept this as it can look unsettling. However you must remember that the oak is exposed to rot and it is shaved to rid it of any impurities such as colors and unevenness.

сруб из бревна

For protection the log is sprayed with antiseptic

The surface of the log is processed by thin layers of antiseptic. The end face of the log, groove, bowls and pro-saws and everywhere where the fibrous structure is damaged are soaked very carefully. The consumer can than choose a color for their log and we can change it with the antiseptic.

окорка бревна


Most of the antiseptics are ecologically friendly and made with things such as pitch and turpentine. The natural antiseptic is tar (it also used for changing a color of the log) and white moss sphagnum (used for warming).