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Альбомы фотографий процесса строительства и готовой продукции.

восьмиугольный дом
Few words about the construction of the house – from the project to the living version.
норвежская рубка
Our company haven’t done the house yet but here are some pictures of work.
ласточкин хвост
Finnish cutting technology. Building material is an Lafette (the log hewn on two edges).
Unusual three-leveled house, build semi-antique.
национальный парк
A two-leveled house for guests, built on a turn-key basis by our company.
Log-house and sauna (banya) built on a Konchizero.
Log-house is based on a project “Sunny”.
Баня в Сяпсе
Log-home made of rounded logs.
Одноэтажный дом из сруба
One-leveled log-home for the countryside. Made by a Russian technology.
тверской дом
The main feature of this guests house is that it has been cut of a big-diameter logs (40 sm).
A small gallery of our specialists.